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*how ya doin hotcakes*

*wink* :p

24 August 1987
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by apollo629

hey there, i'm ToRi

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your friendly, neighborhood, crazy, zany, wacky, wild, funtastic, not-your-average-black-girl, queer, liberal, christian, irish wannabe! So I can't be a wannabe if I actually am part irish.. nvm.

the low down:
~atlanta, ga is home, sweet home
~ga state uni senior
~don't drink
~don't smoke
~procrastination is what i do best
~I. AM. DORK. i take much pride in my goofiness.
~aiming to be happy and not drive myself bonkers
~i LOVE to act, movies are my life
~the key to my heart is your awesomeness
~the key to my soul is mellow music
~i have weird eclectic tastes
~if you've never heard of franz ferdinand.. we can pretty much stop there.
~i am touchy feelly lyk whoa
~for some reason i can't get enough of hott asian girls, guys in eyeliner.. and birls. androgyny is teh SEX.

and i just might rock your socks


Ron/Harry ♥ True Love

oooh yea i love the hot boy ♥

rupert grint is teh sex

Rupert's ginger hair is love

I love Rupert's arms... I mean they are love.. yea

Rupert's shirts are love

i have a rupert fixation and i don't care :p

Boys Kissing are HOT Love ♥
Made by apollo629

Girls Kissing is HOT Love ♥
Made by apollo629

~because shane lights mah fire~

alex kapranos=hottness.

"So come and dance with me!
So come and dance with me!
And come all over me!"
~ Michael~ FF


they kick ass!

give sunchick05 more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

and since it's my journal and i can say whatever the fuck i want:

Bi Pride

we're not "real" queers and our attraction to the same sex is only a phase and we'll just leave for a member of the opposite sex any day and our way of loving is only a period of confusion and when we haven't changed in 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 years we are still just confused and we see personal ads that say "no bisexuals" and when we date members of the opposite sex we are holding onto "straight privilege" and when we date members of the same sex they don't trust us and when we dare to suggest that we have our own identity we are being ungrateful or difficult or radical and if we don't no one will know who we really are and every historical figure or celebrity who has ever had a same-sex affair was really gay or lesbian no matter how they may have felt about any husband or wife or lover of the opposite sex and the government does not acknowledge our existence by labeling us as something that fits their definition of who we are even though it doesn't fit our own and we're told we can't make up our minds and when we make a long term commitment to a member of the same sex we've "come all the way out" and when we make a long term commitment to a member of the opposite sex we're really just straight and when we don't choose to make a commitment to anyone at all then it's because we aren't capable of it and for lots and lots of other reasons,
We are part of the Bisexual Pride Movement
- BI-onic, U. of K., Lawrence, KS

Bisexuality is Real. Deal with it.

Days until Bush leaves office.

Designed by georgedorn and provided by Positronic Design.

Grab your own copy here.

Trio is love.. MY OT3!!!

Family is love..

Made by mizmolko

Made by _illuminez

P.S. none of the bars are mine! teehee

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